Day One and Two of Retreat

Day 1: It was incredible to be in a room with people from all over the world. Moreover, to be with people from ‘remote’ parts of the world. And then when you consider who these people are, when you think about the work that they do and the risks that they take…well, incredible is an […]

By the way, welcome to Moving Beyond Differences!

We’ll be posting about questions and issues that come up during our events and trainings that are either (1) new to us, (2) of interest to you (we hope!), (3) ongoing hot topics that we’d love to hear from you about or (4) just plain interesting. We hope you’ll be part of this conversation with […]

The 2007 Working Retreat starts Sunday

Our 2007 Peacemakers working retreat starts this Sunday, 10/21, in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Our Peacemakers will will meet, network and learn from each other, and we’ll be welcoming 5 new awardees into the Peacemakers network – including the inaugural winners of our Women’s Peace Initiative award. You can learn more about the retreat on our main […]

The Power of Context

Read as an isolated struggle, the story of Peacemaker Sakena Yacoobi is impressive. Sakena founded the Afghan Institute of Learning in 1995, the same year that the Taliban came to power. Her organization began “underground” and now serves 350,000 women and children annually. Read in the context of AfgI have never been to Afghanistan, though four of my […]