Part 2: Q&A with a student of conflict resolution

  (1)  When did you first become interested in the field of conflict resolution, generally, and religious peacemaking, specifically?  Since my earliest days, I’ve been concerned by issues of justice. In college, my desire to be an attorney was soured by my experiences with campus advocacy. While I did – and still – find a […]

Q&A with a student of conflict resolution, part 1

Last fall, the Religion and Conflict Resolution Program held a “brown bag lunch” – informal discussion – with students from Georgetown and American University in Washington, DC. Last month, one of the masters students who attended this event asked if he might interview me for a class project. Jason is writing about the growing sub-field […]

Around the Web: Religious Diversity at Work

Lately in religion / workplace news:  product design and advertising take the top spot! Sharia-compliant investing:  The British treasury plans to back sharia-compliant bonds to help London become a global gateway for Islamic finance.  (While you’re at it, check out our recent post on sharia investing and 401Ks). Sikh model breakthrough: Cobbler Kenneth Cole’s new […]

Around the Web: Religion and Diversity Education

Have some time on your hands? Take a minute to read up on some of the news of the week concerning religion and diversity in the educational sphere. Around the Web is a feature that brings together a variety of recent articles that address the issues of religion and diversity and their places in education […]

A New Frontier: Faith-based Investing @Work

If you keep up with the financial world, you’re probably familiar with an increasingly more popular investment trend – socially responsible investing (SRI). Basically, SRI is an investment strategy that allows people to take a more active role in choosing investments that fit their personal values or beliefs, whether they’re looking at social, environmental or […]