Q&A with a student of conflict resolution, part 1

Last fall, the Religion and Conflict Resolution Program held a “brown bag lunch” – informal discussion – with students from Georgetown and American University in Washington, DC. Last month, one of the masters students who attended this event asked if he might interview me for a class project. Jason is writing about the growing sub-field […]

Around the Web: Religious Diversity at Work

Lately in religion / workplace news:  product design and advertising take the top spot! Sharia-compliant investing:  The British treasury plans to back sharia-compliant bonds to help London become a global gateway for Islamic finance.  (While you’re at it, check out our recent post on sharia investing and 401Ks). Sikh model breakthrough: Cobbler Kenneth Cole’s new […]

Around the Web: Religion and Diversity Education

Have some time on your hands? Take a minute to read up on some of the news of the week concerning religion and diversity in the educational sphere. Around the Web is a feature that brings together a variety of recent articles that address the issues of religion and diversity and their places in education […]

A New Frontier: Faith-based Investing @Work

If you keep up with the financial world, you’re probably familiar with an increasingly more popular investment trend – socially responsible investing (SRI). Basically, SRI is an investment strategy that allows people to take a more active role in choosing investments that fit their personal values or beliefs, whether they’re looking at social, environmental or […]

Vision of the Peacemakers

Last week, as communities across the United States remembered and celebrated the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., I couldn’t help but think about the Peacemakers.  Dr. King was a man who drew upon his faith to reach millions with a vision of nonviolence and equality.  The Peacemakers, too, carry that vision.  They are Christians, Jews […]