Media Madness

My last health care post focused on the case of Daniel Hauser, a thirteen year-old diagnosed with life-threatening Hodgkin’s lymphoma, whose personal and familial religious convictions stood in the way of medical treatment.  In the public sphere, debate swirled around issues of medicine, religion, and children’s welfare, with the drama being accented when mother and […]

Today is Peace Tree Day!

What is that, you ask?  Peace Tree Day was inspired by the film “The Peace Tree” written and directed by Mitra Sen.  In the film Shazia, a 7 year old Muslim girl and Kylie, her Christian friend, want to celebrate each others’ festivals, Christmas and Eid. Their parents express concerns about practicing a celebration outside […]

Friday News Roundup: Whether the Embattled Scientologists?

There’s always been a lot of gossip and high-profile news around Scientology.  Some say religion, some say cult.  Brooke Shields speaks out again its ban on psychiatric medications on behalf of women with post-partum depression.  Tom Cruise jumps up and down on Oprah’s couch: is he a man in love, or is he ecstatic because […]

Syrian journalist freed from prison

I first came across the name Michel Kilo on Tanenbaum Peacemaker Hind Kabawat’s website.  I was doing research in preparation for a series of interviews with Hind for her Peacemaker in Action case study. Kilo is a Syrian journalist and pro-democracy activist. In prison since May 2006, he was released ten days ago.  His three […]

Friday News Roundup: Religion STILL on the Run

My colleague Rachel wrote a great post the other day about Daniel Hauser, the 13-year-old whose family wants to treat his cancer with natural remedies rather than chemotherapy.  When the court system ground its gears into action to compel Daniel’s parents to allow the chemo, she took him and fled. Unsurprisingly, this has generated no […]