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How I stopped the Taliban from shutting down my school

We are proud to share Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action Sakena Yacoobi‘s TED Talk! Filmed May 2015 at TEDWomen 2015 and entitled How I stopped the Taliban from shutting down my school. Click here to learn more about Sakena’s work as a Peacemaker.  

Tanenbaum Peacemaker Rev. Benny Giay meets with Indonesian President

Reverend Benny Giay is a dedicated peace activist in his native West Papua, a territory in Indonesia where the indigenous community has struggled for decades to gain independence. Over the years, the Tanenbaum Peacemaker has sought to bring international attention to the plight of his people. Through his writings and tireless activism, Rev. Giay has […]

Multiple Attacks. One Lesson.

Over the past week there have been too many religiously-influenced atrocities committed around the world – all frightening examples of violent extremism: Right-wing Swedish extremists set three mosques aflame; Boko Haram burned homes and murdered 15 more people in northern Nigeria; and masked gunman stormed the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, […]

New Year’s Resolutions!

As 2015 begins, I wanted to share the New Year’s Resolutions that inspire us. They remind us why it is so important to stop religious hate and pursue peace. I hope that these resolutions are meaningful for you. — Joyce To listen… One must talk little and listen much. (African Proverb) To renounce hatred… Let […]

Peacemakers in Our Midst by Joyce Dubensky, CEO

A lot of my work at Tanenbaum involves our Peacemakers. Men and women who are driven by religion to pursue peace and confront violence, hate and horror, even when doing so puts them at risk – either because they may be injured or because their freedom may be circumscribed. These Peacemakers are a special breed, […]

Defying Extremism: Gendered Responses to Religious Violence

Reflecting on the 2014 WomenPeacemakers Conference, Defying Extremism: Gendered Responses to Religious Violence, hosted by the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (November 19-21, 2014) The Defying Extremism: Gendered Responses to Religious Violence Conference was a whirlwind. The three full days consisted of narratives, tools, ideas, questions, and some collaborative problem solving. Situated […]

Believe It or Not

By: Marisa Fasciano Overview: Four ways to include religiously unaffiliated students in classroom content about religion. Editor’s note:This is the third post of a three-part series that answers questions posed by participants in Fostering a Culture of Respect, a joint webinar with Teaching Tolerance that addresses how educators can help their students feel safe, supported and […]

A letter from Joyce S. Dubensky, Tanenbaum CEO

We are deeply saddened by today’s news from Jerusalem and condemn all violence perpetrated in the name of religion. There is no justification for the murder of innocent civilians. As members of the global community, it’s time for us to condemn the brutality and the targeting of people based on their beliefs. We must remember […]

A flawed message from Montgomery County Public Schools’ Board of Education

This week Montgomery County Public Schools’ Board of Education missed the mark when they removed all references to religious holidays in the 2015-2016 school calendar. Following requests to include Muslim holidays, the Board voted instead to erase all religious holidays from the school calendar- conveying a message that religious differences are too toxic to touch. The […]