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As Boko Haram rises, Nigerian Peacemakers Respond

Following the tranquility of evening prayers, the sounds of screaming children pierced Nigeria’s Dalori village as children were burnt alive. Boko Haram had arrived and three female suicide bombers detonated their vests, killing villagers who tried to stop their attack. At Tanenbaum, we have witnessed the rise of Boko Haram through the eyes of our Nigerian […]

The Corporate Climate: Making sure Muslims feel welcome

Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, we’ve received numerous questions from clients about the current “state of affairs.” They want to know what to expect and how fear of ISIS and negative portrayals of Islam might manifest themselves in workplaces. As anti-Muslim sentiment rises, employers are worried about backlash in their […]

Promoting Religious Literacy and Respect for Differences: A Teacher’s Recommendations

An Interview with Chris Murray by Tanenbaum’s Kim Keiserman, Education Program Associate In today’s multicultural, interconnected world, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of teaching about religious and cultural diversity.  But many teachers express reluctance to address these topics in the classroom, fearing that they may stumble into controversy. Chris Murray is an educator who is […]

If your students get along better, blame it on Rio!

Dear Educators, Now’s the time to capitalize on the approaching Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janiero to promote respect for cultural and religious diversity in your learning environment. Join us for the launch of our free World Olympics webinar series on January 21st. For details, please see below or click here. The first 100 registrants […]

Combat Extremism – Use December Resources from Tanenbaum

In the wake of continued violent extremism and escalating intolerance fueled by fear and misinformation, Tanenbaum remembers what unites us in striving for a just society. Shared visions of generosity, gratitude, friendship, and forgiveness tie us together in our search for peace and justice. Learning more about one another allows us to stand together in […]

Yes, I Am Afraid

I am afraid. As someone who has devoted my life to respecting and urging others to respect differences, I find these to be dark days. Days that leave me frightened. Yes, I am frightened of random acts of terror perpetrated by people who claim the mantle of Islam. I am alarmed by what I see overseas. […]

A different kind of “Ted Talk”

We are excited to share a new video of renowned workplace thought leader, Ted Childs, Principal of Ted Childs, LLC, sharing his thoughts on the necessity of Tanenbaum’s Workplace Program and proactively addressing religious diversity in the workplace. According to Childs, religion is a critical business issue: “The risk for companies who ignore the global issue […]

Turn the December Dilemma into an Opportunity – Resources for Teachers

Dear Educators, December is a time of celebration and family togetherness for many Americans – and not just those who celebrate Christmas as a sacred holiday or cultural event. Jews celebrate Hanukkah, Buddhists celebrate Bodhi Day, many African Americans celebrate Kwanzaa, and cultures across the world celebrate the Winter Solstice. For educators, however, the convergence […]