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2020 Tanenbaum in the News

Podcast Ep. 49: The December Dilemma: Religion, Resilience, and Mental Health During the Holiday Season Continued The Forum on Workplace Inclusion | November 17, 2020 Managing Behavior, Not Beliefs – with Mark Fowler, CEO, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding Leaders Who Learn, A Podcast from CLU | October 2020 Confronting Hate in A Divisive Era: […]

Check out our 2020 Year in Review!

Friends – Another year has come and gone, albeit in a much-changed fashion. It has been a hard year. And despite all the hardship, Tanenbaum did not slow or falter in its work and pursuit of justice and respect for all.  Please take a moment to see what we accomplished with your support. Our year […]

Conscience Objections: New online learning modules!

In May, during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, two doctors, brothers who follow the Sikh faith, made the difficult decision to shave their religiously significant beards, called kesh, or the practice of keeping uncut hair, in order to accommodate the PPE (personal protective equipment) stocked by their hospital. At Tanenbaum, we believe that […]

Our Inclusion Journey Continues

Friends, Defining “workplace” in 2020 has been challenging and ever-evolving, to say the least. Dining rooms, cars, city parks are our new offices. Zoom and other platforms are the world’s conference rooms. Throughout this difficult year Tanenbaum found the demand for our workplace programs greater than ever. So we developed innovative ways to offer training […]

Updated Hanukkah fact sheet – and a song!

Dear Friends, It was brought to our attention there was an error on our fact sheet about Hanukkah, which is right around the corner.  While we try to avoid such mistakes, we also wanted to respond to it quickly. I’m happy to share our updated Hanukkah fact sheet with the corrected start date of the evening of […]

Join us at PeaceCon 2020!

Join Tanenbaum CEO, Mark Fowler, alongside Jean-Marie Navetta of PFLAG, and Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins of WCAPS as they explore Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Peacebuilding workplace! Tune in on Monday, Dec. 7 at 12:30 PM EST for this collaboration between two of Tanenbaum’s Programs, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding and Workplace by registering for PeaceCon […]

Give the Gift of Peace

  This Giving Tuesday, give the gift of peace. Tanenbaum puts peace into practice through programs that build respect for religious differences in schools, workplaces, health care facilities, and in regions in tremendous conflict. Hear about Tanenbaum from Dr. Azza Karam, Secretary General, Religions for Peace, and give today to help make peace possible.   […]

Scheduling, decorations, and inclusivity: The December Dilemma

Dear Friends, The winter holiday season often raises questions about how best to address inclusivity and accommodation in your organization. Whether your organization is considering which holidays to acknowledge and how, what holiday decorations are appropriate to put up, or how to host a celebration that’s inclusive for all, you’re likely to encounter the December […]

An Upcoming Festival of Lights

Dear Friends, Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, is fast approaching! This year, Diwali will take place on November 14th. Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, and some Buddhists around the world celebrate this New Year festival. Diwali is also an official holiday in a number of countries in South Asia and around the world. To learn […]

Indigenous People’s Day

Dear Tanenbaum Community, Today is being recognized by people, cities, and states as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a day to honor and celebrate Indigenous communities across the U.S. Decades of activist communities, most notably the American Indian Movement (AIM) and the Native American Youth Movement (NAYM), have pushed for an alternative to Columbus Day since the […]