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September 12: Standing for Our Future

The truth is, I was really scared about the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  I was afraid that it would not only be a time to remember and mourn, but also a time of vitriol and hate – especially targeting Muslims.  My friends have told me about what it is like to be Muslim in the […]

Ramadan Accommodations Gone Awry

Last year, during Ramadan, we commended some companies for taking proactive steps in accommodating their workforce during the month of Ramadan. We highlighted the efforts of Electrolux, a Swedish appliance manufacturer in Minnesota. In 2010, the EEOC mandated that the company allow their employees to take their usual 30-minute lunch break at sunset, to allow time to break […]

Introducing the Global Peacemakers’ Network!

Today something ended.  And something new began.    Our time with the Peacemakers is coming to an end for this 2011 retreat.  And today, everything changed.  The Peacemakers gave up being just a community of peace practitioners, who sometimes come together because of Tanenbaum so that they can share, learn new techniques and be nourished.  […]

Peacemakers and Experts Share Ideas for Peace

The 2011 Peacemakers in Action Working Retreat is moving along at full steam. Today the Peacemakers engaged with prominent academics in the field, including Rabbi Dr. Marc Gopin, Dr. Joseph Montville, Dr. Chris Taylor, and Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida. Our network is growing by the day, and Tanenbaum is excited to meet new people who share […]

Kicking off the 2011 Peacemakers in Action Working Retreat!

After flying in from the four corners of the world, the Peacemakers in Action shook off their jetlag to open the 2011 Working Retreat. 16 Peacemakers are with us at Drew University in Madison New Jersey, hosted by the Center on Religion, Culture, and Conflict. Activities opened with conversations to reacquaint old friends and meet new […]

“Christian Terrorism”: Part of the New Lexicon?

Last week, Tanenbaum CEO Joyce Dubensky spoke with the Associated Press's Jesse Washington, who was writing a piece on the term "Christian Terrorist" as applied to the suspect in July's Norway tragedy. His thought-provoking piece came out today – you can read it here. Asks Washington, "When the "enemy" is different, an outsider, it's easier to […]

Transforming a Pediatric Residency Program with Religio-Cultural Competence

Tanenbaum’s Religious Diversity in Health Care program recently completed a training of the incoming class of pediatric residents at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Westchester.  This full day training was a vital piece of a four year collaboration with Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital meant to infuse religio-cultural competence into the training of the hospital’s pediatric […]

The Role of Religion in Transitional Justice

The past generation, also known as the “age of transitional justice,” has witnessed over forty transitions from authoritarianism to democracy since 1974 and a flood of civil wars.[i] While the Nuremburg Trials set the precedent of bringing war criminals to justice, the past three decades have witnessed an upsurge in a global effort to —in […]

On Being Sikh in America: News Roundup

This week in the news: Park51 overcomes one more obstacle, a Canadian school’s religious accommodation stirs up controversy and more. A NYC judge dismissed a lawsuit by an ex-NYC firefighter who sought to stop the construction of the Park51 Cultural Center (often incorrectly called the “Ground Zero Mosque”). Reported The New York Times: “In a decision […]

Religion and Diversity Education: Getting to Goal

As part of Tanenbaum’s Religion and Diversity Education program, we conduct training sessions with educators so they can teach their students about being respectful of those of other faiths and cultures. Last week, we provided the Staten Island YMCA camp counselors with presentations on our pedagogy, The Seven Principles of Inclusive Education and our World […]