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More Unites Us than Divides Us

We're excited to launch a new project – More Unites Us than Divides Us: We Are Tanenbaum. Through video and Q&A, twelve Tanenbaum friends tell us why they feel so connected to our critical work combating religious prejudice. (We'll be posting a new video once a month.)  We kick things off with Marcella Runell Hall, former […]

Communications Barriers in Health Care

A new study shows that Tanenbaum’s Health Care program still has important work to do. QuantiaMD, an online physician-to-physician learning collaborative, conducted an online initiative of 17,200 clinicians to gather data on patient-doctor communication. The results of the survey were quite interesting.   39% of physicians stated that they rarely or never asked patients about their spiritual beliefs. […]

Combating Religious Prejudice and Turning the World “Inside Out”

Imagine a rabbi, an imam and a priest pulling the same comical face and having each of these images displayed side by side on either plane of the wall separating Israeli and Palestinian territory in the size of a Times Square billboard. Deemed impossible by the “experts,” street artist and 2011 TED Prize winner, JR, […]

FBI Releases 2010 Hate Crimes Data; Numbers Hold Steady

The FBI released hate crimes data for 2010 earlier today, and the numbers of hate crimes reported has held steady since 2009. Religion-based hate crimes accounted for 20% of the total (a slight uptick from 2009’s 19.7%), behind racially motivated crimes. As in past years, however, religiously motivated crimes led the pack in some states, […]

Interreligious Relations Since the Holocaust

Tomorrow afternoon, Tanenbaum president and founder Dr. Georgette Bennett presents at the Long Island chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women.  Her topic: interreligious relations and realignments since the Holocaust, with a special focus on the impact of the establishment of the State of Israel and Vatican Council II.  She will reference genocides that […]

Tanenbaum Goes to Washington

Given the growing diversity in our country, and the significant role that religion plays in health care, how is it that less than one in ten physicians ask about their patients’ religious beliefs? What are the dangers of ignoring this issue, when 84% of the U.S population self-defines as religious?   And why does the cultural competency […]

Peacemakers Network at Work: Non-Violent Conflict Resolution in Honduras

From José "Chencho" Alas, Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action: Two years ago, Honduras was in turmoil. The military gave a coup d’état under the orders of the Supreme Court and installed in the presidency Roberto Michelleti who was the head of the National Assembly. Since that, fourteen journalists have been murdered in the Central American country, […]

Religion and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Employees

Mr. McFarlane, of Bristol (UK), was employed as a relationship counselor by the Avon branch of Relate, a charity that provides relationship support including counseling for couples, families, sex therapy, mediation and training courses. Upon joining the organization in 2003, McFarlane signed the companies Equal Opportunities policy, which ensured that no people would receive less […]

Watch and Listen: Ribbons of Hope

For those of you who are not in New York City, or who were unable tot ake part in this past weekend's "Ribbons of Hope" Dedication at Battery Park, take a few minutes to watch and listen to the highlights of that moving ceremony You can also take a look at a package put together […]