Beloved Tanenbaum Community, a Formula for Justice – Thank you Dr. King

Dear Tanenbaum Community – In August 1967, three years after the passage of The Civil Rights Act and just shy of eight months before his assassination, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the presidential address at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s national conference. Dr. King, addressing the question of where do we go […]

No More Surprises

Dear Tanenbaum Community – Crosses, Shofars, and Christian flags were carried into the halls of Congress yesterday, as we witnessed Christian white supremacy at its purest and most dangerous. So what does it mean when the followers of someone who preached about “turning the other cheek” and “loving thy neighbor” stage an armed coup of […]

Building Respect in 2021

Friends – Thank you for being a part of the Tanenbaum community. I hope you continue to join us as we move into 2021 with great commitment, energy, expectation, and anticipation. We welcome your partnership in our work to promote justice and build respect for religious difference. There are many ways to engage in this […]

Check out our 2020 Year in Review!

Friends – Another year has come and gone, albeit in a much-changed fashion. It has been a hard year. And despite all the hardship, Tanenbaum did not slow or falter in its work and pursuit of justice and respect for all.  Please take a moment to see what we accomplished with your support. Our year […]

Conscience Objections: New online learning modules!

In May, during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, two doctors, brothers who follow the Sikh faith, made the difficult decision to shave their religiously significant beards, called kesh, or the practice of keeping uncut hair, in order to accommodate the PPE (personal protective equipment) stocked by their hospital. At Tanenbaum, we believe that […]