Georgette Bennett with Henry Humphreys and Joanne Humphreys

Today, Tanenbaum remembers Henry Humphreys, our long-time Board member, who left us on March 5, 2021 in his 93rd year. Henry is survived by his beloved wife, Joanne, his four children who he raised as a single Dad after his first wife died, his three step-children, and his 14 grandchildren. We send heartfelt condolences to all of them.

We are sad today, but also filled with gratitude, as we also remember with a smile the Henry Humphreys with whom we worked for justice and respect for people of all religious traditions.

We remember how he Tanenbaum staff called him the “perfect Board member.” Always prepared, kind and polite, Henry was civil even when he disagreed with something being said. He was a ready advocate for our vision and work, and always stood ready to make connections and bring people in his circles together to do good.

We remember Henry for the work we shared. But even more, we remember him for the loving person he was. Forever dedicated to his family and always devoted to his Catholic tradition, he was proud to serve as he could and did so with a full and open heart—whether you were his family, a cause he chose to serve, or a person in need.

Ultimately, Henry J. Humphreys was one of the greats — and always, he was a true gentleman in every sense of the word, and in every sense of the two words, gentle man.

Rest easy, dear friend.

Rev. Mark Fowler
CEO, Tanenbaum

Georgette Bennett with Henry Humphreys

Henry Humphreys with Howard Milstein II and Les Crystal