Washington had opinions on Religious Freedom-Combating Extremism

Dear Friends,

To the Founding Fathers, freedom of religion was a cornerstone of American democracy—even before the Bill of Rights was adopted.

Need proof? Check out the correspondence between America’s first president, George Washington, and Moses Seixas, the Hazzan of Newport’s Touro Synagogue of Congregation Jeshuat Israel. While they excluded enslaved African Americas and Native Americans from their vision of religious freedom, their commitment to freedom of conscience and their words contain timeless insights and values—that must to be applied to all.

On this July 4th, we’re sharing a Combating Extremism resource titled:  The President and the Hazzan, along with Questions that prompt discussion.

Join us in defending our founding values and Combating Extremism,

Joyce S. Dubensky
CEO, Tanenbaum

P.S. We are thrilled to announce that Tanenbaum is a 2018 Nissan Foundation grant recipient in support of our Combating Extremism campaign! Read our press release here.

Image Credit: Touro Synagogue. Wikipedia