Too often, the past is a harbinger of the future. Today, we invite you to listen to Dr. Leonard S. Polonsky CBE as he shares a powerful testimony—his first encounter with religious hate. At age seven he walked out of a synagogue with a few other young boys…

“Toward the other end of the street there was church and out of the church were coming kids, and they saw me and some of my classmates emerging. I heard ‘You killed our Christ! You killed our Christ!’ [I]t was very intimidating because it was a crowd of kids shouting and we were just a few…”

Dr. Leonard S. Polonsky CBE
Tanenbaum Leadership Council

Leonard Polonsky’s testimony is bone chilling. It reminds us why education is so important. You have to learn to hate. Fortunately, we offer curricula and resources to help stop this disease.

Please take a moment to listen—and hear one of the many stories that reminds us to work together to activate respect—right now!