One More Month: Nominate a Peacemaker, Change the World!

Dear Friends,

You have one more month to nominate a religiously motivated peace activist working in an armed conflict – a Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action. Please take a moment, and help us respond to the hate and violence that are infecting our world!

Peacemakers in Action fill a critical gap, working with people at the local level as well as the diplomatic community. By supporting these individuals and strengthening their voices, Tanenbaum is taking a stand against ISIS, against extremism, against hate.  With our Peacemakers, we can move toward peace. Transform communities. Save lives.

We are accepting nominations through October 17, 2014. Please visit to learn more about the criteria and nominate, and please, contact us with any questions at We’re here to help!

With appreciation for your help,

Joyce S. Dubensky, CEO

PS. We know that submitting a nomination may take a bit of time and energy, but the rewards for our Peacemakers – and our humanity – are far greater.  Please help by submitting your nomination and making it possible for us to select the next two Peacemakers in Action.