News Stories August 22-28

The Rampage of the Islamic State

We are saddened to report that on August 25, One Iraq villager’s refusal to convert triggered Islamic State mass killings.

Islamic State terrorists invaded the village of Dohuk, Iraq and ordered all villagers to convert to Islam or die. After the Yazidi village leader (sheikh) refused to convert, at least 80 men were massacred.

Khalof Khodede, an eyewitness that narrowly escaped, described how the villagers were taken to the school and robbed of their belongings. Women and children were taken hostage and the men were escorted away from the village by bus. The buses abruptly stopped and ISIS/ISIL militants opened fire on the unarmed civilians.

Dancing in Jaffa

In uplifting news, ‘Dancing In Jaffa’: Ballroom Dance Champion Brings Israeli, Palestinian Kids Together To Dance. The official U.S. trailer is online for Hilla Medalia’s new film “Dancing in Jaffa,” a story of determination and triumph over cultural and religious prejudice in Israel.

Pierre Dulaine, a world champion ballroom dancer, brings together Jewish and Palestinian children in Israel for a class in Latin Dance. The ten-week course provides opportunities for the impossible to happen; through laughter, inquiry and dance, children begin to see beyond cultural and religious barriers that society creates.

The Mumbai Chabad Center

In Mumbai, India, the Chabad Jewish center celebrates their reopening  after being attacked six years ago in a rampage by a Pakistani gunman. The 2008 attack targeted iconic locations including the Taj Mahal hotel left 166 people dead in Mumbai’s financial capital.

Following the terror attacks, the Mumbai Chabad center conducted services and outreach from temporary location. Today, the rebuilt center will house a memorial to all individuals killed in the attack in addition to a Jewish Museum.