New Stories August 15-21, 2014

We will dance and be merry…
We favor coexistence.”
-Mahmoud Mansour, Jaffa, Israel

In Israel, a Wedding of Jew, Muslim draws hundreds of protesters. Israeli police restrained more than two hundred protesters from crashing a wedding for a Muslim man and a Jewish woman. Despite their hateful phrases, the couple celebrated a marvelous wedding.

It was reported that the father of the bride was saddened that his daughter chose to convert Islam but the groom, Mahmoud Mansour, had a very positive message to share:

“We will dance and be merry until the sun comes up. We favor coexistence.”

Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar, Iraq. (Image: BBC)


We are very sad to report that Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities continue to be murdered in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State (IS/ISIS).

Rescue missions have been led by Kurdish and Iraqi military forces and aid drops have helped refugees trapped on Mount Sinjar. 


Christians, Yazidis need more than escape: Catholic Relief official in Iraq is an interview that provides insight into the long-term strategies needed to help refugees. The interview provides a glimpse into the solidarity among Iraqis and the organizations working on the ground.

There are approximately 4,200 religions practiced on Earth and Deseret News has compiled a glimpse into 15 interesting religions you may not know about. It is not clear how many of these are practiced within the United States; however, the Pew Research Center has determined that the U.S. population is 78.4% Christian.

Click here for a summary of Pew’s research findings.

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