Myanmar seeks views on religious conversion bill: Top 5 stories

Myanmar seeks views on religious conversion bill
Myanmar’s government is trying to measure public support for a religious conversion bill put forward by nationalist Buddhist monks that would require anyone who wants to convert to another faith to get permission from local authorities.

Religion played role in sowing seeds of future conflict in World War I, says researcher
Those seeing the war as a religious crusade were “not just elite thinkers or a few crazy bishops and pastors. … Religion dominated propaganda messages and the way people thought about the war, wrote about the war, made films about the war,” Jenkins said. “Religion was part of the air they breathed. … The enemy was an evil satanic foe.”

Muslim immigration officer’s bias suit will proceed
A federal appeals court has cleared the way for a Muslim immigration officer’s workplace discrimination lawsuit to go to trial, saying the officer showed “telling evidence” of unfair practices at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Boston.

Kosovo Widens Its International Interfaith Scope
The Muslim-majority Kosovo Republic has taken a leading initiative in promoting international interfaith dialogue, in a Balkan setting. The Kosovo government has committed notably to public reconciliation efforts bringing official Albanian Muslim clerical authorities together with representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

ELCA members vote on opposition to ‘religious freedom’ laws
A Brookfield Lutheran church is calling on its Milwaukee-based synod to take a stand against so-called “religious freedom” laws proposed around the country, including in Wisconsin, that critics fear would allow discrimination against certain groups under the guise of religion.