Fighting Religious Discrimination One App at a Time

<p>This season, in the face of religious discrimination, one group created a mobile app that enables air travelers to act as an external watchdog on potentially discriminatory practices at airport checkpoints. Created by the Sikh Coalition, the app enables people of all faiths and races to file complaints against the TSA for racial and religious profiling.</p>

<p>Although the TSA released a statement that it &ldquo;has zero tolerance for racial profiling and employs multiple checks and balances to ensure unlawful profiling does not occur,&rdquo; studies show that Sikhs, Muslims and people perceived to be Muslim are pulled aside for secondary screenings at a higher rate than people not perceived to be Muslim. The FlyRights app hopes to call attention to the institutionalized reinforcing of negative stereotypes.</p>

<p>We have the power to end religious discrimination by speaking up, raising awareness, and taking action. This app is just one example of how ingenuity combined with community action takes us one step closer to creating a world free of discrimination and prejudice.</p>

<p>This Thanksgiving, remember that the human family extends beyond your table.</p>

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