Our Peacemakers in the News

Check out the many news oultets that are reporting about the work of Tanenbaum's Peacemakers in Action:

Jamila Afghani, Afghanistan

Jamila is in the running to receive the Role Models for Peace Award. Cast your vote for her here:

Betty Bigombe, Uganda

Betty and two other MPs were recently confronted by a group of armed youth angry about land policies in Amuru. Betty had just returned from a meeting with the Madhvani Group, which is seeking land for sugarcane plantations. The MPs reaffirmed that anyone who wants to invest in the land must first consult its residents.

The new Betty Bigombe Foundation launched its website. The website describes the Foundation’s work in agriculture projects to benefit the victims of the LRA war.


Rev. Canon Andrew White, Iraq

During a recent trip to Israel, Andrew spoke optimistically about a group of hardline Iranian Shi’ite clerics who desired to meet with Israelis. He also discussed the widespread violence that permeates post-invasion Iraq, though he remains hopeful that peace will one day return to Iraq.


Sakena Yacoobi, Afghanistan

ABC News interviewed Sakena and Kristen Lindsey, CEO of the Global Fund for Children, about the partnership between the Afghan Institute of Learning and the Global Fund for Children. Watch the video here.

Sakena writes about the quiet revolution which marks the development of a women’s network in Afghanistan, and how this network begins in community learning centers like the Afghan Institute of Learning.

Sakena also delivered the keynote address for the “Nurturing Peace in Contexts of Global Violence” conference in New York City, which Tanenbaum co-sponsored. Our thanks go out to Sakena for speaking at the conference and sharing her message with a new generation of religious leaders and educators.


José “Chencho” Alas, El Salvador

Chencho welcomed a class of theology students to El Salvador, where he taught them about liberation theology and the theology of peace as he currently understands it. After their visit, they wrote blog posts reflecting upon their experiences.


Jacky Manuputty, Indonesia

The Christian Science Monitor traced the development of the “Peace Provocateurs” and Jacky’s role in stabilizing religious tensions in Ambon. Though the society is not yet fully healed, Jacky maintains his optimism that eventually, Christians and Muslims will exist in a state of unwavering peacefulness.


Archbishop Abuna Elias Chacour, Israel/Palestine

Archbishop Chacour speaks about his disappointment over the Arab Spring, as Christians and minorities suffer the greatest. He states that the Arab Spring’s violence and bloodshed will not create a favorable environment for the proliferation of non-totalitarian regimes.


Dishani Jayaweera, Sri Lanka

Dishani and her partners have launched a project called “Growing Roots.” They plan to use natural building techniques to “create a physical and psychological space where Sri Lankans and international guests can come together and open their minds, their hearts and grow towards the concept of interdependence.”