Our first Twitter drive needs your momentum

Today, February 20th, marks our first Twitter drive.  It's on a roll with 140 retweets, but needs a little help to reach the goal of 200 retweets.

Please visit the Twitter Drive Page to learn more or you can go straight to Twitter and retweet any @tanenbaumcenter posts.

Who This Helps

Canon Andrew White is the pastor of St George’s, the only Anglican church in Iraq. 

“I have been detained at gun-point, been thrown into a room with people‘s chopped-off fingers and toes all over the floor, and have had my picture posted on walls around Baghdad with a notice saying, ‘Wanted, dead or alive.’ Members of my church have been kidnapped or killed. I have lost many friends. It is very difficult, but we never give up.”

For the last twenty years, the Anglican vicar and activist has dedicated his life to reconciliation in the Middle East by focusing on the positive role religion can play in resolving conflicts.

And that is why he has been recognized with Tanenbaum’s Peacemaker in Action award. Tanenbaum supports Andrew financially, logistically, and emotionally.

When you retweet a Tanenbaum tweet on Wednesday, February 20th, you show our generous underwriter that you believe in Andrew's and Tanenbaum's work.

Thanks to our generous donor, Tanenbaum earns $200 for every 20 retweets of our posts.  You can retweet as many posts as you’d like.  If you retweet 20 Tanenbaum posts during the day, you will convince our underwriter to donate $200 – all on your own!