Classrooms for Peace in Countries with Violence

What do Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Nigeria have in common? Tanenbaum! 

This winter, Tanenbaum trained more than 45 teachers from these countries about inclusive education. We know that teachers who are trained to create an environment of inclusive education can sow the seeds of sustainable peace. That’s why our Peacemakers, who have asked for our assistance in the past, welcomed the opportunity to share what we’ve learned with the teachers who reach their nations' children.

Tanenbaum’s Education team designed and created the trainings based on Tanenbaum’s The Seven Principles for Inclusive Education. Then Tanenbaum’s Conflict Resolution team produced the training presentations and translated selected materials into Hausa, Indonesian and Dari.

Mark Fowler, Tanenbaum’s managing director of programs, and the Conflict Resolution team worked closely with Peacemakers in Action in Afghanistan, Indonesia and Nigeria to select participants, coordinate and facilitate the trainings and conduct a follow-up discussion.

Technological constraints, however, almost prevented the trainings from taking place. Tanenbaum staff planned to conduct the training via Skype broadcast to groups of 15 teachers in each country.  

Skype, a live video connection service, however, is not reliable in Afghanistan, Indonesia and Nigeria because of poor internet connections, frequent disruptions in service and the limited availability of technological resources. Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers on the ground provided the Conflict Resolution team with their technological constraints.

We learned that our Peacemakers could project PowerPoint presentations with ease. So, Tanenbaum created PowerPoint training videos with audio narrations then sent hard copies of the trainings, on branded DVDs, overseas.

Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers’Jamila Afghani (Afghanistan), Jacky Manuputty (Indonesia) and Pastor James and Imam Ashafa (Nigeria) – and the teachers’ response to the training were very enthusiastic. In fact, they are currently planning to use the materials as resources to train additional teachers in their respective countries.

The teachers who enrolled in the training are looking forward to sharing their new knowledge with their students and, ultimately, encouraging their students to become tomorrow’s peace activists.

Bruce Crise         
Peacemakers in Action Network Coordinator

Funding for these trainings was provided by the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation.