Life in Afghanistan Becomes Terror in One Day

Peacemaker Jamila Afghani’s life is in jeopardy – quite literally.  And so is the life of her six year old son.

When I read about the Taliban Spring Offensive and the coordinated violence that emerged in Kabul and elsewhere, my heart stopped.  Our two Peacemakers from Afghanistan, Jamila Afghani and Sakena Yacoobi, could have been there.  I immediately wrote to send support and ask if they were alright.  I heard back from Jamila Afghani.


Dear Joyce,
Thank you very much for the email, in this hard time and severe conditions, where once again our hearts shake and it appeared how untrusted the situation in our city is, my son was on the way to home from school and was trapped in the gunfire.  His school is located near a shipper where the Taliban fighters started attacks from under a construction building.
My husband was on his way to Kabul from Jalalabad where he conducted a peace and reconciliation training for the community, and was trapped in the cross fire in Pulcharki. I was on the way for a meeting.
It has really become horrible.  Terrorists reached our doors and can do anything at anytime – we just depend on our luck.
We peacemakers do lots of efforts for small positive change, but these terrorists change the entire scenario in minutes.  Believe me there is no peace of mind, no satisfaction of heart even for a minute.
We need your prayers.
Joyce Dubensky