Study Finds U.S. Muslims do not Want Sharia Law: News Roundup

In the news: study finds American Muslims do not want Sharia, A Bronx Mosque houses an Orthodox Jewish Temple, the conflict in Syria has a religious element, and other stories.

North American Muslims are more than satisfied with the secular legal system and do not want a set of parallel courts for Islamic law, according to a new study of U.S. and Canadian Muslims by a Washington-based think tank. Huffington Post
Near the corner of Westchester Avenue and Pugsley Street in the Bronx, just off the elevated tracks of the No. 6 train, Yaakov Wayne Baumann stood outside a graffiti-covered storefront on a chilly Saturday morning. Suited up in a black overcoat with a matching wide-brimmed black fedora, the thickly bearded 42-year-old chatted with elderly congregants as they entered the building for Shabbat service.
The only unusual detail: This synagogue is a mosque.
Or rather, it’s housed inside a mosque. That’s right: Members of the Chabad of East Bronx, an ultra-Orthodox synagogue, worship in the Islamic Cultural Center of North America, which is home to the Al-Iman mosque. Tablet
It's interesting to observe what qualifies as beyond the pale in American politics. For bigoted newsletters written two decades ago, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is deemed by many to be disqualified from the presidency. I don't fault anyone for criticizing those newsletters. I've done so myself. They're terrible. So is the way he has handled the controversy. But isn't it interesting that Paul has been more discredited by years-old, ghostwritten remarks than has Newt Gingrich for bigotry that he's uttered himself, on camera, during the current campaign? It has gone largely ignored both in the mainstream press and the movement-conservative organs that were most vocal condemning Paul.
That's because Muslims are the target. National Journal
The Hague, Netherlands – The Dutch Cabinet moved a step closer Friday to banning the burqa, making good on an election promise that is largely symbolic but has broad public support. Worldwide Religious News
Religious leaders and politicians are pushing Mayor Bloomberg to allow houses of worship to meet in public schools.
“This is the epitome of religious discrimination. No time in the history of this city have we seen such regressive policy,” said City Councilman Fernando Cabrera (D-Bronx). “I see Latinos, Asians, African-Americans, Caucasians — all under the same banner of the Lord.” NY Daily News
The fighting in Syria risks being defined less as a popular uprising against a secular democracy and more as an armed sectarian conflict.

The sectarian fault line in Syria is growing more apparent as the conflict steadily intensifies between the Alawite-dominated regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the mainly Sunni rebel Free Syrian Army.

The Syrian regime’s reliance on Alawite militiamen, known as the Shabiha, to help suppress the 10-month uprising is mirrored by elements of the armed rebel forces rallying around their Sunni identity through religious and sectarian motifs and language. The minority Alawite sect draws upon some Shiite traditions and is considered heretical by conservative Sunnis. DayPress News