Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes In and Around NYC: News Roundup

In the news: anti-Semitic crimes in and around New York City, the UN backs a Sikh man fighting French religious headgear laws, and other news.
Satyendra Singh Huja, a Sikh American, has been unanimously elected as the mayor of Charlottesville, a historic city in Virginia.
Huja, who originally comes from Nainital in Uttarakhand, was elected Mayor of Charlottesville early this month. The Times of India
They come to talk about their families, to laugh, to learn and to praise Hilda Weiss’s famous chocolate coffee cake. Other than Mrs. Weiss’s recipe from Hungary, they never liked to go on about the past — even if this was the reason that originally brought the women together in a weekly support group for Holocaust survivors.
But in recent days, this fragile yet spirited community of elderly women in Borough Park, Brooklyn, found themselves revisiting details of that unspeakable horror, and haunted by events far too close to home.
Swastikas, as well as the words “Die Jew,” had been painted on a garage in Midwood and on the stairs of a Jewish school, part of a recent spate of anti-Semitic crimes in Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey and on Long Island. NY Times
A Sikh man in France has won the backing of the United Nations Human Rights Committee in his fight over religious headgear.
It said France was violating Sikhs' religious freedom by forcing them to remove their turbans when having photos taken for passports and ID cards.
Ranjit Singh, 76, said he had turned to the UN because he found the French policy disrespectful and unnecessary. BBC
The U.S. Supreme Court said Tuesday that it will not hear Forsyth County's appeal of lower-court decisions that stopped sectarian prayers at the opening of meetings of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners. Winston-Salem Journal