A New Cooperative International Network: Working to transform conflicts and build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world

This morning, in a hail of clapping, the Peacemakers at Tanenbaum’s Working Retreat created a Network to facilitate their work across borders.

The new Peacemakers in Action Network will contribute toward the transformation of conflicts and the reconciliation of people in building a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Specifically, the Peacemakers Network is committed to four goals:
1.     Continual personal growth and mutual support as religiously motivated peacemakers
2.     Sharing our wisdom, experiences and practices with one another to strengthen each other’s work
3.     Sharing beyond our Network to influence a wider community of peacebuilders, including both state and non-state actors
4.     Expressing our solidarity with one another and speaking out with a collective voice, responding to contemporary issues that affect peace and human security.
To help facilitate their coordination so that they can achieve these goals, the Peacemakers elected five Network leaders: Jamila Afghani from Afghanistan, Chencho Alas from El Salvador, Reverend William Lowrey who worked in Sudan, Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge from South Africa, and Friar Ivo Markovic from Bosnia.
In addition, the Peacemakers formed three Working Groups in Education, Interreligious Understanding, and Gender & Human Rights. These Working Groups have already identified their activities in the year ahead, including such projects as pooling the Peacemakers educational resources, starting to translate them for local populations, and looking at how to mainstream women into the community of peacebuilders.
The Network is owned and operated by the Peacemakers themselves, and Tanenbaum has committed to supporting them in a variety of ways. In addition to our education, communications and executive staff, Tanenbaum’s Conflict Resolution staff will help fill the role of a Network Coordinator until a full-time staff member can be hired.