Post Osama bin Laden Similar to Post 9/11?: News Roundup

In the news this week:  conversations and events post bin Laden similar to post 9/11, two cases of workplace discrimination, and more:

Post 9/11 Conversations Re-experienced

The driving force behind the events of 9/11/2001 is dead, nearly ten years later.  His death has sparked many of the same conversations and reactions that were witnessed in the aftermath of that horrifying day. Examples include:

  1. Some argue that the United States government continues to destroy Muslim relations through inconsideration. (CNN)
  2. Individuals in perceived Middle Eastern/Muslim gab are removed or banned from flights solely because of their appearance. (USA Today and Atlanta Journal Constitution)
  3. Sikhs are mistaken for Muslims. (SikhSangat News)
  4. Individuals in perceived Middle Eastern/Muslim garb are removed or banned from flights solely because of their appearance. (NY Daily News)
  5. Various Muslim communities offer opinions on recent events and attempt to influence public opinion. (
  6. And finally, Muslims and those misperceived as Muslims experience fear. (East Valley Tribune)

Faith Based Discrimination in the Workplace

Another two lawsuits alleging religious discrimination were filed this week, one by a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and one by a Sikh. Brent Arave claims that his boss directed him to change his “LDS-like” behavior which prompted Arave to resign rather than continue to experience increasing discriminatory actions. (Reuters) The other case, filed by the ACLU on behalf of Sahaj Singh Khalsa, alleges that Mr. Khalsa was forced to resign from his position as a paramedic because of incidents of verbal and even physical abuse. (SikhSangat News)
In other news: