State Dept. Releases Annual Religious Freedom Report: News Roundup

“We are troubled by what we see happening in many, many places” (Bloomberg).

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released the State Department’s 2010 Report on International Religious Freedom (State Department), an annual examination of “the legal status of religious freedom as well as the attitudes towards it, in almost 200 countries and territories around the world” (Human Rights First).
Afghanistan, China, Iran, Uzbekistan and Egypt were just a few of the countries accused of limiting religious freedom.
The State Department analyzes countries based on five categories: 
  1. Authoritarian governments
  2. Hostility toward nontraditional and minority religious groups
  3. Failure to address societal intolerance
  4. Institutionalized bias
  5. Illegitimacy
News outlets from all over the world covered how countries fared in the report.
In other news…
The American Humanist Association’s has particularly aggressive “holiday” ad campaign this year (Washington Post), juxtaposing violent passages from religious texts with peaceful messages from humanists, in an attempt to woo the 15% of Americans who say they have no religion (USA Today).