Stanford study finds Muslim job discrimination in France: News Roundup

Before you head home for the Thanksgiving holiday and are elbow deep in turkey and stuffing, take a look at a new report on job discrimination against Muslims in France from Stanford University and the week’s other top stories.

The study, Identifying barriers to Muslim integration in France, published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is the first to identify religion rather than race or nationality as the cause of discrimination in France.
This comes after France’s much-publicized ban of burqas in public – which the government said it passed solely because “wearing Islamic veils in public betrays the country's secular tradition” (not out of bias toward Muslims). But, these findings hint at the reality of some anti-Muslim sentiment in the country, despite the government’s motivations in passing the ban (Stanford University News).
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Park51 applied for $5 million in 9/11 recovery funds (New York Times) to develop domestic violence prevention programs, language classes, art exhibitions and other social services at the center, feeding new fuel to the Islamic Cultural Center’s opposition (TPM Muckraker). We’ll see if this news reignites the furor.
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