EEOC Cracks Down on Religious Discrimination at Work: News Roundup

Before we get into this week’s roundup, congratulations to Rachel Maryles, Assistant Program Director of Religious Diversity in Health Care and Religious Diversity in the Workplace for being featured in Forbes’ article, How Social Entrepreneurs Heal The World's Wounds!” The article mentions Rachel and other winners of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation fellowship. 

And, Tanenbaum Peacemaker in Action, Rabbi Froman made news when he and fellow rabbis in Palestine visited mosque that was vandalized with Hebrew graffiti and set on fire. The rabbis condemned the attack and brought the Korans to the mosque to replace those lost in the fire.
Onto the roundup…
Religious discrimination suits.
The EEOC is cracking down on religious discrimination at work, with suits involving three different faiths making news this week.
We often see religious discrimination suits involving Muslim women being told they can’t wear hijab at work. But this week, a woman in the U.K. was awarded a hefty settlement after her Muslim boss fired her for refusing to cover her hair at the estate agency where she worked. Ghazala Khan said her boss told her she had not been brought up as a “good Muslim” and that her parents had given her “too much freedom” and asked her to wear a headscarf to work. When she didn’t, he told her not to bother coming to work at all (Guardian).
Park51 update.
The Park51 storm has quieted down somewhat, but this week the Associated Press reported that the center’s founders, Imam Feisal and Daisy Khan have been receiving threats for months and have been working with the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force to take safety precautions.
The New York Times gives us a “First Look Inside the Proposed Islamic Center”withstunning preliminary sketches of the exterior and interior of the building.
The PEW Forum created a map showing the “locations of 35 proposed mosques and Islamic centers that have encountered community resistance in the last two years.” Interestingly, all of the reports of resistance are in the eastern third of the country or California. You can click on the locations to see more information about each project.
A ban on school Christmas carols is upheld (Religion News Service) a pierced girl sues her school district after suspension (Washington Times) and the PBS documentary “God in America” about the “history and influence of religion in American public life” begins next week (New York Times).
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