Park51 Makes Its Way Into Education: News Roundup

With the controversy and anti-Muslim fervor around Park51 and a video released this week showing students participating in a Muslim prayer service during a field trip, individuals and organizations within, and outside of the education community are addressing the role religion should (or should not) play in our schools’ curricula.

Park51 and this latest issue have fueled a larger discussion over whether or not educators in America should be teaching their students about religion and if so, how they ought to go about teaching the subject.
To help educators understand what they can and can not teach, the ACLU released a statement of current law on religion in public schools.
At Tanenbaum, we believe educators should explore religion with their students – the foundation of our Religion and Diversity Education program is training educators to teach their students about religion in an academic, unbiased way. Therefore, in response to the heat around Park51, Tanenbaum created a curriculum to help educators specifically address the misinformation and anti-Muslim fervor surrounding this project with their students, turning it into a “teachable moment.” It’s now been listed as a resource by the New York Times and the Journal of Educational Controversy and is available on our website.
In other news: