Islamophobia: Confined to Park51 or Not? News Roundup

Park51/Cordoba House is without a doubt the biggest topic in the news this week. The PEW Forum polled Americans on their feelings about Islam and mosque-building in general and specifically on the construction of Park51.

According to the report:
  • The majority (57%) of Americans are against the Islamic cultural center, but 76% say Muslims should have the right as other religious groups to build houses of worship in their communities.
  • Americans have a less favorable view of Islam than they did in 2005, with 30% having a positive view of Islam in 2010 compared to 41% in 2005.
Dr. Robert P. Jones, CEO of Public Religion Research Institute gives his take on the findings:
Although it’s good news that most Americans say they support mosques being built in their communities, there have been outbreaks of violence and protest against Muslims and mosques nationwide, and the ardent opposition to Park51 has worsened.
In New York:
As for Islamophobic incidents outside of New York:
And some other stories from the week on Park 51:
Hear what Park51 founders Imam Feisel and Daisy Khan have to say about it all:
To finish up, here are some non-Park51 stories: