Cordoba House Passes Final Hurdle: News Roundup

It hasn’t been an easy battle, but after a protracted national debate Cordoba House, the Islamic educational, cultural center and mosque that is near to Tanenbaum’s heart will now be built near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.

And the American Center for Law and Justice, representing a New York City firefighter is already planning to appeal the decision, calling the vote "deeply offensive" and saying they are "poised to file legal action on behalf of our client to challenge this flawed decision and put a stop to this project" (Religion News Service).
On the contrary, many have remained resolute in their support of the community center.

The antagonism toward Muslims in general (a Florida church announced this week it’s planning a “burn a Koran” day) and Cordoba House in particular shows just how necessary this community center really is. It’s that kind of intolerance and anger we work to reduce here at Tanenbaum, and we look forward to working with Cordoba in this shared mission once it’s up and running.
Since there actually were other things going on in religious diversity news this week, check out these last few links!
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