Can she do the job? When Religion Clashes with LGBT Needs: News Roundup

Two lawsuits made headlines this week involving the dismissal of graduate counseling students who refused to treat homosexual clients because of strong Christian beliefs that homosexuality is immoral.

The school released at statement saying:
"The Counselor Education Program is grounded in the core principles of the American Counseling Association and the American School Counselor Association, which defines the roles and responsibilities of professional counselors in its code of ethics. The code is included in the curriculum of the counseling education program, which states that counselors in training have the same responsibility as professional counselors to understand and follow the ACA Code of Ethics (FOX News)"
The Code of Ethics says that counselors can not discriminate against patients based on sexual orientation or gender identity (FOX News).
David French, senior counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund (which has taken on Keeton’s case) said:
While Keeton’s case has yet to go to court, a federal judge upheld the dismissal of a student at Eastern Michigan University in a similar suit this week. Julea Ward sued her school last year when she was expelled for refusing to treat a homosexual patient because she could not “affirm any behavior that ‘goes against the Bible’” (Chronicle of Higher Education). The Alliance Defense Fund, which also took Ward’s case, says it will appeal the decision.
Now on to a couple of studies, and some updates:
  • Relationships hold key to spiritual care for patients: researchers "have pinpointed a mismatch between patients' expectations and understanding when it comes to spirituality, and what medical and family caregivers offer… Stumbling blocks to trust included social, religious or cultural discordance, inappropriateness, judgement or proselytising." (DNA India)

And in response to the Cordoba House, another spate of articles – and more protests, this time around a planned mosque in California:

Finally, a few last links: