Tanenbaum’s Peacemakers in the News

Several of our Peacemakers in Action found themselves in the news over the past few weeks. From participating in a conference dedicated to the situation of Afghan women and girls at the new George W. Bush Institute in the U.S. to sending messages of hope from admist the bombing in Iraq, Sakena Yacoobi, Canon Andrew White and Rabbi Menachem Froman all continued the important work that won them the Peacemaker in Action Award. (Pictured: Rabbi Froman)

Rabbi Froman and his organization, Jerusalem Peacemakers, were featured in a piece on Middle East Reconciliation on the World Focus site.

Episcopal Life Online talks about a series of car bombs in central Baghdad on Easter Sunday – bombs that couldn’t disrupt Canon White’s worship services.

And the Dallas Morning News reports on a conference at the new Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University at which Sakena Yacoobi was a panelist, talking about the 150 literacy centers she runs in Afghanistan through her organization, the Afghan Institute of Learning.