Friday News Roundup: Banning the…Burquini?

NEWSYes, every news outlet it the world is writing about how President Obama does or does not want to kill your grandmother. (Note that the grandfathers are always left alone…but that’s another post for another blog).

Check out Rachel’s post from earlier this week for news around the role of religion in President Obama’s health care bill. Check out the rest of this one for other news of the week.

Europe continues to be all over banning Islamic symbols in public.

  • In Switzerland, the town of Langenthal has become the center of a right-wing campaign to ban minarets. The conservation Swiss People’s Party has begun a “stop minaret” movement, arguing that minarets represent the desire for power and are not just religious edifices.

And we always love a good statistic…

  • A Gallup poll released this week found that religious identity varies widely by state. While Catholics dominate the east Christians are most prevalent in the south. Americans who don’t identify as religious are concentrated in the northeast and northwest. Non-Catholic Christians are still the largest contingent in the US.
  • Jews were scattered across the eastern states, the majority of Mormons were in Utah (surprise!). Do to small sample size Muslims were not included in the study, a choice I’m not sure was the wisest.

In other news, a Sikh student says Thirsty Turtle discriminated against his religion because the bar confused his turban with a do-rag and said it violated the bar’s dress codes. Oops.

Until next week…