Friday News Roundup: Groundbreaking Health Care Project Drops!

istock_000003001750xsmallOkay, I know the news roundup usually looks at news that is relevant and interesting to, but not directly about, Tanenbaum – that’s what all the other posts are for.

The project that’s been unveiled today represents 2 years of hard work on the part of many Tanenbaum staffers and our partners, and I can’t just not write about it. And hey, it is in the news!

Announcing our new baby, The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competence. From today’s press release:

To meet the needs of its diverse clinician and patient constituency, EmblemHealth today announced publication of what is believed to be the first comprehensive guide to help physicians and medical professionals address the needs of patients whose health care decisions are influenced by their religious and cultural beliefs. The Medical Manual for Religio-Cultural Competency is sponsored by EmblemHealth and created by the Tanenbaum Center For Interreligious Understanding, a global leader in training health care providers to offer religiously and culturally competent care for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

The release has already been picked up by a couple of outlets, and there’s a great piece about in Crain’s New York Business Health Pulse newsletter. You’ll be seeing a lot more about it in the next weeks and months.

We’re grateful to EmblemHealth for sponsoring us to create this resource.  They’re making it available to their providers free of charge – any EmblemHealth provider can visit to access the full manual. Their commitment to helping health care practitioners be the best they can be is going to have real impact on the health of New Yorkers. We’re also thankful to Emblem’s Integrative Wellness department for a truly rich partnership (and cheers to its continuation!) and to all the experts both religious and medical who helped ensure the quality of the book.

We believe The Medical Manual is going to change the practice of medicine.  Religious beliefs and practices intersect with health care in a thousand different ways.  From breaking down barriers to care for marginalized religious communities to helping providers understand why they’re making a health care decision, The Medical Manual can and will improve the quality of patient-centered care, ultimately resulting in better outcomes and stronger providers-patient relationships. Check out what people are already saying:

In my daily work as a neurologist I care for patients with severe and often irremediable disabilities, who often face end-of-life decisions. The patients I encounter in New York come from the most diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. My practice and my relationships with patients and their families have been profoundly transformed and enriched by Tanenbaum.

The Medical Manual enhances the training, providing a practical guide of medically pertinent religious beliefs and practices that allows for comfortable conversations about even the most complex medical issues. The information and communication skills will certainly become an indispensable tool for providing the best care to patients and their families, and the principles taught in the Manual should become part of the medical education of physicians and other health care providers.
Alessandro Di Rocco, M.D.
Chief, Division of Movement Disorders
New York University School of Medicine
NYU Langone Medical Center

The Medical Manual represents an exciting step forward in how we prepare today’s health care professionals for effectively treating and interacting with patients of all religious backgrounds.  Hospital executives must ensure that clinicians are able to adapt to the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population.  By providing practical information about a variety of religious traditions, along with a set of tools that can be easily incorporated into the plan of care, The Medical Manual will serve as an indispensable resource for all providers.
Wayne E. Keathley
President and Chief Operating Officer
The Mount Sinai Hospital

EmblemHealth is launching The Medical Manual for their providers this month, and we’ll be making it available for all other health care practitioners – doctors, nurses, aides, social workers, allied therapists, you name it – this fall (you can head to to pre-order).

As one of the book’s main authors, you’ll have to excuse my excitement – seeing these two years of work come to fruition is an incredible experience, so I hope you’ll indulge me for this day!  Religious diversity news is on our site as usual, and the monthly news roundup will be in your inboxes shortly.