Friday News Roundup: The Torture Debate

istock_000003001750xsmallLast week, Pew came out with some…interesting statistics on Americans’ takes on the justifiability of torture.  Unsurprisingly, it was newsworthy data, and a lot of MSM publications gave it press.  This week, having taken some time to digest the results, the religious press and blogosphere are starting to weight in on the study.

Also this week:  Religious discrimination at work is not just a U.S. issue, and meet the iPhone app that got the Apple Axe.

First, torture.  There’s no shortage of views; here are just a few:

*Great blog with a variety of voices – if you’re an inhabitant of the blogosphere, add this one to your reader.

Next up, religious discrimination at work.  The UK is the main offender this week, with an interesting decision from the Dutch pulling up the rear:

And finally, the iPhone app you’ll never get to use:  Ever have delusions of divinity?  You won’t get to act them out on your iPhone.  Apple’s nixed an app called “Me So Holy” that let users superimpose their own faces over those of religious figures, including Jesus and nuns, saying that it contains objectionable content and therefore violates their developers’ agreement.

My question to you: Superimposing your face over Jesus’ on your personal phone – objectionable content?  Ponder that while you enjoy your weekend.