Friday News Roundup:

istock_000003001750xsmallFirst off, a belated Happy Easter / Pesach to those who’ve been celebrating over the past weeks, and Happy Easter to all the Orthodox Christians whose holiday is still to come!

For those readers who are Christian – especially those who are both Christian and lovers of Lego – I offer this bit of levity before getting down to the nitty-gritty news:  Swedish Church Unveils Lego Jesus Statue for Easter.  (They did a really good job.)

Lego Jesus aside, we’ve got a mixed bag this week:  Some good news on the teaching-peace-and-respect-to-kids front, some not so great news on the workplace rights front.

  • Teaching peace in Afghanistan (The Hamilton Spectator): A book, some handpuppets, and psycho-social healing for kids who walk into school every day not knowing if bombs have been planted in their bookbags.
  • Court: Muslim cop can’t wear headscarf (  Apparently, the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals thinks Kimberlie Webb’s simple black haircovering poses an undue hardship to the city of Philadelphia.

Also, a lot of you may already be reading this, but if you’re not, you should – the Washington Post’s “On Faith” collection of blogs and columns always has worthwhile reading by writers, activists and scholars from across the belief spectrum.  Notable posts today include Faith Based Diplomacy and Obama, Discrimination and the Catholic Right – it’s definitely worth a bookmark.

Have a great weekend!  See you next week, same time, same place.