Friday News Roundup: An unexpected bounty

istock_000003001750xsmallAlthough we think that understanding how religious beliefs and practices interface with health care is critical for good patient care, we know that a whole lot of people still don’t get it.   As I’m rounding up the news for the week, the health care-related section usually gets short shrift.

Not this week!  From the wonderful (hospitals making moves to become more welcoming to patients of other faiths) to the unexpected (yoga: tool of the devil?), religion and healthcare were all over the headlines this week.  I know some of you are going to have strong opinions on some of these stories – don’t hold back!  Headlines after the jump.

  • Prayer Nurse Caroline Petrie Returns to Work (UK Telegraph)

But meanwhile…

  • Obama Moves to Undo “Conscience Rule” for Healthcare Workers in the U.S.  (New York Times)

Some health care systems are doing a great job reaching out to new communities…

…while others are struggling with how to interpret the requirements of their own faiths

  • Good Medicine and Teaching Collide at Catholic Hospital (National Post)

While in the other corner, the debate over whether religion and spirituality can (or should) play more of a role in healing itself goes on:

  • Asking the Clergy: What heals better, medicine or prayer?  (Newsday)

Meanwhile, Christian Scientists (if I’m not mistaken, don’t you eschew modern medicine?) are getting involved in health care reform  (Forth Worth Star-Telegram). (FYI, some insurance companies cover prayer-based treatment and there are Christian Science nurses, Christian Science health care advocacy isn’t really as mutually exclusive as it might sound.  Also, there’s a whole lot going on in Texas this week, isn’t there?)

I’ll say it again: I KNOW someone has an opinion on at least of of these stories, we’re chock-full of controversy this week.  Break the silence!