A Sweet New Year!

Dear Friends, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, will take place this year September 9th–11th and September 18th–19th, respectively. Together, these are known as the High Holy Days and are often regarded as the most important of all Jewish holidays. Employees observing these holidays may require time off […]

The New Task Force on Religious Liberty—What’s Going On?

Dear Friends, Behind many of the headlines, there is a forceful debate on what the 1st Amendment means in 2018, and how to practice religious freedom in a country that is increasingly diverse—religiously and non-religiously. On Monday, Attorney General Sessions announced the creation of the Religious Liberty Task Force. His speech touches on our history […]

Fostering Religio-Cultural Competence in Nursing

Dear Friends, On July 19-20, 2018, Tanenbaum convened a number of nursing educators from across the United States, to discuss our new nursing curriculum, Fostering Religio-Cultural Competence in Nursing. This curriculum was created and piloted in partnership with Columbia University School of Nursing’s Masters Direct Entry (MDE) Program to address a gap in nursing education […]

Tanenbaum’s 2017 Annual Report Is Here!

  Dear Friends, For those who believe in equality, nonviolence and multi-belief understanding, 2017 was a challenge. We saw children bullied without mercy and how religious bias fuels hate (it’s the #1 cause of hate crimes in New York State). And still, more than one-in-three U.S. workers still experience (or witness) religious bias at work. […]

Sharia: Just the Facts

Dear Friends, Do you know… What Sharia is really all about? How it’s practiced? What it means in the U.S.? Questions about Sharia are everywhere—in homes and schools, state legislatures and even our courts. These questions need fact-based answers. It’s the only way to move past our cultural assumptions and stereotypes. That’s why Tanenbaum’s Combating […]