Collaborating for Peace

Friends—   Today, the United Nations recognizes the International Day of UN Peacekeepers. Yet at Tanenbaum, we also know that that the UN’s peacekeepers aren’t the only individuals working tirelessly to protect peace. Across communities wrecked by armed conflicts, there are religiously driven community peacebuilders, who risk their lives daily to stop violence and extremism, […]

March — April Peacemakers in Action Network Media Update

Greetings from Tanenbaum! Please enjoy the latest compilation of news about the Peacemakers in Action. Warm regards, Michael, Janie, Liz, and Casey                                                  Network News Jacky Visits Ivo! Program Advisory Council Member Scott Appleby Honored with Religion and International Studies Distinguished Scholar Award Voices of SDG16+: Stories for Global Action Peacemaker News Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Afghanistan […]

The Many Faces of Misinformation

Friends – How do we decide what news to trust? What exactly is fake news? How often does a fake news story mislead you? And how many false facts does it take to discredit a news story? Who’s responsible for the fake news frenzy? And how do we hold each other accountable? We asked, you […]

Listening Is Hard

Friends – Following an evening of Courageous Conversations, the audience’s key takeaway was the power of listening. Though it sounds simple…it’s anything but. These days, we’ve stopped hearing each other. We talk over one another. We prepare our responses while people are speaking. We don’t even consider listening. It’s the new normal. And it’s contagious. […]

Sri Lanka, Words From the Field

Friends – Beyond the news headlines about terrorism in Sri Lanka, Tanenbaum gets to hear what’s really happening on the ground. For more than 22 years, our Peacemaker, Dishani Jayaweera has been working there. Now she’s struggling with a new conflict and mind-numbing violence. We all need to hear what she has to say. Please […]