What London Reminds Us

Dear Friends, Today’s attack in London is sending out shock waves and sadness. Once again, our hearts ache for the innocent people killed, the injured, their families and communities. Yet again, we are shaken. But, even as we mourn, we must stand firm in our commitment to respect our differences. We cannot let fear weaken […]

A Hidden Impact of the Muslim Ban

This article was published on the Huffington Post Blog March 16, 2017   President Trump’s re-issued travel ban was supposed to go into effect today. But courts in Hawaii and Maryland have issued temporary injunctions, blocking its implementation nationwide. President Trump has vowed to appeal, and the ban’s ultimate future remains uncertain. Like so many others, […]

The Affordable Care Act and Religion: Impact & Support

As Congress debates if and how to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, many people have spoken out on how losing health coverage would affect various disenfranchised communities. Often missing from the conversation has been the relationship between the ACA and religion—and yet many religious communities either benefit directly from the ACA, and would […]

Tanenbaum | 25 – An Interview with Judy Thompson

In commemoration of Tanenbaum|25 (our 25th Anniversary), we wanted to introduce you to some of the Tanenbaum Friends, those who helped us throughout the years—and share our vision for a more respectful and peaceful world. The following interview with Judy Thompson is from December 2016. Why do you think Tanenbaum’s work is important today? In a world […]

U.S. Jews Threatened

Dear Friends, As a Jewish woman, I watch with alarm as reports of coordinated, multiple bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers keep popping up in the news. 10 on one day, 20 on another. These bomb threats scare me for many reasons. First, because the threats come in groups designed to instill a profound sense […]