"President Barack Obama stops to greet children from Al-Rahmah school and other guests during his visit to the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday in Baltimore, Md." The Associated Press

President Obama’s Condemnation of Islamophobia is Admirable – and Overdue

Yesterday President Obama addressed thousands of American-Muslims at the Islamic Society of Baltimore during his first visit to a mosque in the United to condemn anti-Muslim rhetoric. “We applaud President Obama for his important demonstration of solidarity with the Muslim community – yet we also believe his speech is long overdue,” said Tanenbaum | Center […]

Children stand near a burnt house following Boko Haram deadly attacks at Dalori village, Nigeria.
Stringer/AFP/Getty Images

As Boko Haram rises, Nigerian Peacemakers Respond

Following the tranquility of evening prayers, the sounds of screaming children pierced Nigeria’s Dalori village as children were burnt alive. Boko Haram had arrived and three female suicide bombers detonated their vests, killing villagers who tried to stop their attack. At Tanenbaum, we have witnessed the rise of Boko Haram through the eyes of our Nigerian […]

The Corporate Climate: Making sure Muslims feel welcome

Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, we’ve received numerous questions from clients about the current “state of affairs.” They want to know what to expect and how fear of ISIS and negative portrayals of Islam might manifest themselves in workplaces. As anti-Muslim sentiment rises, employers are worried about backlash in their […]

An Attack Close to Home

Dear Friends, On Monday, our friend Michal Froman was attacked by a Palestinian teenager in the West Bank settlement of Tekoa. Thankfully, the pregnant Michal survived the stabbing, avoiding life-threatening injuries to herself and her unborn child. The recent violent attacks in Israel/Palestine have been extremely troubling, further indicating that the ongoing struggle for Middle East […]