Building peace in Sri Lanka

As I made my way to my parents’ home this past weekend for the holiday, I could not help but think back to last week and meeting Dr. Jayantha Seneviratne (Jay). Jay is the husband of Tanenbaum’s Peacemaker in Action in Sri Lanka, Dishani Jayaweera, and her partner in founding and leading the Centre for […]

‘I would rather die dignified than compromise my religious beliefs’
Top five news stories you need to know

Here are the top stories about religion that you need to know: Muslim bus driver’s discrimination lawsuit against MTA continues, even after driver’s death more than two years ago  • France’s Far-Right To Ban Faith-Based School Lunch Options  • Sacred Grounds — for Lawsuits • Religious leaders agree on interfaith teachings for children  • Are Christians the Most Persecuted Religious Group? […]

Mourning with Kansas

Tanenbaum again joins a mourning nation. Once more, our country is scarred by the venom of hate, stereotypes and the violence that follows in their wake. The perpetrator – a known hater of Jews and others – turned his hate into violent action. Today, on the eve of Passover, a Jewish holiday that celebrates freedom, […]

Anti-Semitic slur by fire chief: Top 5 news stories

Anti-Semitic Slur by a Westchester Fire Chief Stirs Controversy • Tennessee Bigots Harassed This Young Muslim Journalist • Mississippi Governor Signs Controversial Religious Freedom Bill • Anti-Semitic incidents continue to decline in US • U.S. doesn’t rank high in religious diversity Last week’s top news, from our perspective:   Anti-Semitic Slur by a Westchester Fire Chief […]