The Survivor Tree: A story of resilience from 9/11

The tree’s branches were severed but a few green leaves remained, each leaf a sign of life against the blackened sky. On that day, we grieved as New Yorkers, and global citizens, for the innocent lives lost and the knowledge that in many ways, life would never be the same. The tree was carefully removed from […]

6 Tips for Starting a Successful Faith-based ERG

By: Liz Joslin, Workplace Program Associate, Tanenbaum Published in Diversity Best Practices | August 16, 2016 Faith-based ERGs, once unheard of, are becoming more and more popular among companies on the cutting edge of diversity and inclusion. At Tanenbaum, we have advised many clients at all stages of the process—from deciding if the time is right to […]

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Call for Justice in Queens Killing

Dear Friends, Religious leader Imam Maulama Akonjee and his associate, Thara Uddin, prayed together at the Al-Furqan Jame Mosque in Queens before walking outside into the sunlight. Minutes later, they were executed, leaving a community, and a nation, in fear, anger and mourning. We can’t begin to imagine how a person becomes a cold-blooded killer, […]

Dassie and Arthur Hoffman |

Tanenbaum mourns the loss of friend & leader, Arthur Hoffman

Tanenbaum mourns the loss on August 9th, 2016 of a great philanthropic leader, a man of who exemplified integrity and a commitment to social justice, and our true friend, Arthur Hoffman. Arthur was not only a gift to The Leir Charitable Foundations, but also a gift to so many people and organizations seeking to make […]