Hope From The Ashes

Friends,  This week is Holy Week, when millions of Christians mark the death and resurrection of Jesus. Under normal circumstances, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris would have been preparing to display its holy relics to the faithful on Good Friday. Instead, it has burned. And while the fire at the Cathedral is now extinguished, it […]

Courageous Conversations: Join us April 16 at Brooklyn Law School!

Are there some people you just can’t talk to? Our panelists say, “NO!” RSVP for Courageous Conversations! A Combating Extremism event on April 16, at Brooklyn Law School. Download the flyer here

Holidays Happening This Week

Dear Friends,  The Hindu festival of Holi is this week! Holi is often called the festival of colors, because “playing Holi” means flinging colors. This year Holi will take place on March 20th – 21st. Take a look at our new Holi Fact Sheet for more information about the holiday and the potential workplace implications […]

Yes, Tanenbaum Has Thought About Rep. Omar…

As an organization dedicated to combating religious bigotry, Tanenbaum was repeatedly asked where it stood in the debate surrounding Representative Ilhan Omar and the welcome resolution by the House condemning religious bigotry including anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and identity focused hatred. Through the heated news cycle focusing on her, our response was presented in our Weekly Religion […]

Kia Kaha

Dear friends, When I woke up this morning, I planned to send out some reflections on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. But then, once again, in a way that is still shocking, numbing and terrifying, I read of another slaughter driven by religious bigotry and hate.  This time, the place is New Zealand, in a city whose […]