Chobani and the American Dream

Kicking Off Tanenbaum|25

Glasses were raised last week to kick off Tanenbaum’s 25th Anniversary, hosted by Holly Weiss, Partner at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. It was a great evening where new and old friends gathered to recognize Tanenbaum’s achievements – while noting that the need for Tanenbaum is greater now than ever. Everyone present recommitted to forging […]

A Brave Testimony and a Surprising Turn of Events

“We are being slaughtered…” People across the world paused when Iraqi parliament member Vian Dakhill spoke those words during her haunting testimony in August 2014. As the only Yazidi then in Iraq’s Parliament, Dakhill plead tearfully to her fellow parliament members, imploring them to take immediate action and save the Yazidis from genocide and enslavement […]

Religion: Acceptance of Drugs & Procedures – Health Care Insights

Dear Friends, Welcome to the 5th installment of Tanenbaum’s Health Care Insights series! Today, we want to explore how religious beliefs sometimes impact a patient’s decision about whether to use particular drugs or undergo certain treatments. The Scenario: A Buddhist patient refuses to use pain medication. He believes that having an unclouded state of mind at death influences […]

Against the Ban? 5 Things You Can Do Now

Dear Friends, For 25 years, Tanenbaum has worked for a world where differences are respected. And that means we ask the hard questions… Is your America the country that turns away human beings—fleeing a death sentence in their home countries? Is your America the country that says only persecuted Christians deserve protection? Is your America […]