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Combating Extremism

Educational Resources


  • A Path Forward: Confronting Hate in America (Video): Tanenbaum’s Combating Extremism Campaign collaborated with Arno Michaelis, a former leader in the skinhead movement and now a peacebuilder, who pushed former white supremacist Ken Parker to meet his first Jew. Arno introduced Ken to Tamara Meyer, a Jewish Holocaust Educator, and to race relations expert Daryl Davis.  And they videotaped Ken “break bread with a Jew,” —something he previously vowed never to do, relinquish all of his KKK memorabilia to Daryl, and discuss his regrets.
  • What Does Anti-Semitism Sound Like – Dr. Leonard Polonsky: We’re sharing one man’s story about his first encounter with anti-Semitism. It tells us what it sounded like in his youth, and helps us understand what that felt like—and still feels like today. Because anti-Semitism isn’t just some abstract idea. It’s real. And it hurts.

Additional Resources